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These days more than ever we appreciate the importance of health and wellbeing and place great emphasis on the word ‘natural’.  Often the products that we buy in the shops which we think are natural are far from it.  The average woman puts 515 synthetic synthetic chemicals on her body every day without knowing and 60 percent of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies.  By continual use of make-up, skin care products and synthetic perfumes, we are just layering toxins on our skin which we absorb and over time, our body can struggle to get rid of these chemicals which can cause things to break down and go wrong and we suffer from health problems.

Doterra Essential oils have only one ingredient, aromatic compounds that are steam distilled or cold pressed from indigenous plants.

Did you know that air fresheners, laundry detergents and fabric softeners are on the list of some of the most dangerous household chemicals?  Even burning scented candles releases toxins into the air which we then breathe in.  All of these toxins can affect our fertility, hormones, immunity and emotional wellbeing.  I heard recently that the average new born baby born now has 253 synthetic chemicals in their umblical cord blood, before they even take their first breath!

If you want to protect yourself from chemical overload, reduce your overall cosmetics usage; switch to natural or organic products and read the labels on your beauty and household products with care.

Essential oils do no harm.  In fact they enable our bodies to do what they need to restore health and balance, helping us to become well – they actually increase our Wellbeing.

Its easy and fun to make your own household and beauty products at home with super safe and effective 100% pure Doterra essential oils.

I hope to share with you here and inspire you with some recipes that you can easily make at home, using simple non toxic ingredients and essential oils, the bounty of nature.


Teach the children…. Show them the daisies and the pale hepatica.  Teach them the taste of sassafras and wintergreen. The lives of the blue sailors, mallow, sunbursts, the moccasin flowers. And the frisky ones – inkberry, lamb’s quarters, blueberries.  And the aromatic ones – rosemary, oregano.  Give them peppermint to put in their pockets as they go to school.  Give them the fields and the woods and the possibility of the world salvaged from the lords of profit.  Stand them in the stream, head them upstream, rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live its sticks and leaves and then the silent, beautiful blossoms.

Mary Oliver – Upstream



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How to Buy Essential Oils

Open your own wholesale membership for £24 including a welcome pack and P&P and customise your order at wholesale pricing (25% off retail prices for a whole year) or select a wholesale enrolment / starter kit such as the Home Essentials Kit for best value for money and waive the £24 fee.

The enrolment kits are a great way to start your essential oil journey and include the 10 most popular oils covering most of your everyday needs:

💜Lavender ~ stress, anxiety & healing

🍋Lemon ~ detox, focus, uplifting, natural cleaning

💚Peppermint ~ digestive support, fevers, works with lemon & lavender as a natural anti-histamine trio for seasonal support, good for headaches

🌿Melaleuca ~ anti-viral and anti-bacterial ~ nature’s first aid, skin healing, fungal infections

🌿Oregano ~ nature’s antibiotic, very effective when combined with melaleuca

💧Deep Blue ~ pain and inflammation

💚ZenGest (DigestZen) ~ digestive upsets, nausea, bloating, sinus problems

💛On Guard ~ protective blend with immune support, kills airborne bacteria

💙Breathe ~ respiratory support, good support for coughs & colds, asthma, snoring, maintaining feelings of clear airways

💛Frankincense ~ the king of oils, cellular health, grounding and relaxing, helps with migraines, works well in combination with other oils to give an enhanced effect.

The Home Essentials Kit includes a free petal diffuser to get you started using the oils straight away plus 15ml bottles of the 10 core oils (5ml Deep Blue)

With a wholesale account, you can also benefit from dōTERRA’s offers of:

⭐The Free Product of the Month

⭐Points back on orders (between 10-30%) on DoTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) which you can use to treat yourself to free oils or purchase other products like Life Long Vitality, DoTERRA’s amazing supplement range and products for a chemical free lifestyle and home.

⭐Access to a wealth of continued education and support around the oils in our wellness community and through pre-recorded, further education webinars and my private Facebook Group where you can learn more about using the oils and ask questions.

Message me or click below to get started and go to Join + Save:

Super Frank!

If you’re thinking of getting started with Doterra essential oils, December is a really great month! Doterra will send you a FREE Frankincense with any 200 PV order (worth £57 wholesale & £76 retail) If you’re new to Doterra, a great way to start is with the Home Essentials Kit which contains the 10 core oils that are perfect to set you up with your own natural medicine cabinet + the kit comes with a free Petal Diffuser worth between £40-50. You can also buy Myrrh from Doterra at 10% off this month.

EDITED TO ADD: The free Frankincense offer has been extended to January 15th 2018.

🎁The Frankincense offer means that anyone who enrols this month with the Home Essentials Kit will receive 2 bottles of 15ml Frankincense oil. That’ll be enough to last you all year! 🎉 .

🌟Frankincense ~ the King of Oils is amazing for cellular health and I use it to layer over other oils to enhance their effects 💫 It also makes the perfect chemical free natural anti-aging moisturiser blended with lavender oil & your choice of carrier 🌟~ cheap and chemical free!

🌙Myrrh, the Queen of oils is great to support with congestion and fantastic for the skin (heavily diluted if using on the face) and is very calming in the diffuser.

Message me or leave a comment if you’d like to find out more on how to get started with the oils. I’m happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with useful essential oil resources.

In other news, we’ve been enjoying the sprinkle of snow that we had on the Mendips over the weekend. It doesn’t snow very often in these parts! It just looked so magical! ✨

I’ve also been making healthy hot chocolate to warm up in the cold weather with my new tangerine essential oil. Blend 1 heaped tbsp of cacao with 1 tsp maca, 250ml almond milk & 6 cashews + drop of doterra tangerine or wild orange essential oil – perfect to lift the spirits and beats a Terry’s Chocolate Orange any day!

Tangerine oil ~ stimulating yet calming at the same time, it inspires and uplifting and perfect for that afternoon pick-me up!

🍊Tangerine helps purify the blood, so if you have mould, toxins, yeast, pollution in your system, tangerine wraps itself around the debris and gets it unstuck from the cell walls.

Tangerine also supports:

🍊water retention, cellulite, flatulence, constipation, stretch marks, scars, muscle cramps, acne, insomnia and restlessness, dandruff and dry scalp 🍊🍊💫

Let me know if you try it or if you’d like me to send you a sample to try for yourself.

Enjoy the run up to Christmas! 🎄

With love,Claire x

Yes Mum, back to School…

So I’m in love with these ace affirmation cards by Yes Mum. I bought the TEEN set for my teen because, well…. being a teenager isn’t easy… and I bought the MINI set for my little girl because primary school can be tough sometimes too. And then of course I needed the WELLBEING set because they’re such a great source of daily encouragement and I’m all for increasing our families wellbeing!

You can find the cards here: Yes Mum

My Doterra order arrived today too. I’m preparing for those autumnal coughs and sneezes with some On Guard protective blend pop in the mouth beadlets, some BREATHE blend oil and respiratory drops – I’ve had so much success with breathe and frankincense in putting a big full stop to coughs. My free Melaleuca touch arrived – already been using this to get rid of a sore throat before it took hold at the start of the new school term so great to have a top-up. Oh and my Cheer uplifting blend in a ready to use rollerball – happiness in a bottle! The emotional aromatherapy range is amazing! I’m also trying the Doterra SPA fragrance free hand and body lotion so I can add my fave essential oils. I also topped up my supply of White Fir which I find so useful for muscle aches and pains which I still get sometimes post op. Or maybe that’s my age! 😉

The weather is feeling distinctly autumnal today. Hopefully my family will be well prepared with natural remedies for it!

Do you have any favourite remedies for the change in seasons?

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you have planned 🍂🍁🍂

I’m looking forward to diffusing the scent of pine needles from my grounding essential oils collection🌲

Special Offers for August

This August you can save 10% on Doterra a2z Chewables & PB Assist Junior. Click here for further details  Monthly Promotions  These offers will be great to take advantage of for back to school in September for supporting and boosting children's immune systems.

PB Assist Junior includes 5 billion live cells of a unique blend of six different probiotic strains, specifically selected for their benefits among children. It comes in little individual portioned packets that are easy and tasty for children to take on their own.

Chewables is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral complex suitable for children or adults who have difficulty swallowing capsules with a proprietary formula of ingredients combining a blend of B vitamins with a blend of vitamins A, C and E as well as botanical extracts, helping to support healthy cell development and longevity when taken daily and safe for children over 4 years of age. Watermelon flavoured and gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, egg and nut free.  

For immune and respiratory support I also recommend using Breathe, On Guard and Oregano essential oils – pictured below. Breathe and On Guard are lovely oils to diffuse in the home and I've had great results using Breathe with a carrier oil and a drop of Frankincense to get rid of pesky coughs. Oregano oil is like natures antibiotic. It's a very strong oil and needs to be diluted. I'll be stocking up on these before September.


Product of the month

Lime 15ml is the free product of the month for those with their own wholesale account on the Loyalty Reward Programme (for orders over 125pv before 15th August).  Cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes, Doterra lime essential oil is refreshing and energizing in taste.  Lime is also known for its ability to uplift, balance and energize.  I like to diffuse it in combination with Balance blend. It can also be used in home made cleaning products. I'm going to post more about making your own cleaning products soon as I really want to reduce the toxicity of chemicals in our home. Plus they smell amazing!

Citrus Trio

I've recently bought the special edition Citrus Trio which includes Red Mandarin, Kumquat and Sunny Citrus essential oils in a beautifully packaged little kit for the summer.  Available while supplies last. Summer captured in a bottle!


Lifelong Vitality Pack

Doterra Lifelong Vitality Packs contain supplements full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health and lifelong vitality.  I've recently been trying out the vegan range. You can find out more about the supplements here.

The lifelong vitality pack includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you have no improvements. I'll report back on my experience with these soon but so far when I take them I definitely feel good and my energy levels increase, so much so that I now make sure to take them in the morning/lunchtime so they do not keep me awake at night!


Do get in touch or leave a comment if you have any questions.

Special Offers for June 

Excited to share that DoTERRA’s anti-aging blend (worth £96 retail £72 with your own wholesale account) is FREE this month to anyone enrolling with me with a Home Essentials Oil Kit or equivalent. It contains some very prized oils and if you are interested in the emotional properties of oils, it is known as the oil of spiritual insight. This is a really great offer from DoTERRA so don’t miss out if you were thinking of signing up.

Message me if you are interested to find out more about DoTERRA essential oils and I’ll be happy to send you some samples.

Immortelle contains:
Frankincense ~ helps to reduce inflammation naturally, smooths wrinkles and reduces fine lines.

Sandalwood ~ promotes healthy looking smooth skin and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.

Lavender ~ soothes skin irritations and a natural anti-histamine.

Myrrh ~ powerful cleansing properties soothing to skin and promotes a smooth youthful looking complexion.

Helichrysum ~ used to improve appearance of skin & reduce blemishes. Used to promote tissue regeneration.

Rose ~ helps stop breakdown of collagen in the skin that can lead to the loss of elasticity & wrinkles. Also helps aid in the prevention of scarring and balances moisture levels in skin.